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PV system, island systems, off-grid energy supply and smart homes

maximizing self-sufficiency and reducing energy costs increasing safety and freedom

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Maximize your self-sufficiency and reduce your energy costs with our tailor made modular solutions

Solar PV

With batteries and inverters which can operate grid independent.

Heat pumps

For well isolated or new homes with small heat demand.


Single room based control of the heating or cooling for maximum energy savings.

CHP System

Combined heat and power systems that provide electricity even during the darkest months of the year.

Wind Turbine

Combine any alternative energy source to supply your home.

Water, fuel, gas GenSets

Water turbines can be connected as well as any GenSet Types to recharge the batteries.

Finding the optimal solution for your needs!

From designer homes in the city to off-grid log cabins in the mountains, we do not have to reinvent the wheel for every customer. Our selected products and control system work together seamlessly, even when the internet connection is down.

We provide the ideas and our know-how reduces investment costs for our customers.

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Smart or very intelligent?

A fully integrated smart home, if you like. Just enough intelligence is also a way to go.

Not everyone is a fan of a smart home. How far you want automation to go is up to you. We do the job fast end efficiently.

In any case, your data stays at home and not on the web.

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Loxone Miniserver

The central brain of your home, installed locally.


As many devices as you like on any platform you fancy and as many users you need. With no additional costs.

Customized UI

You can see what is important to you and you can change the look even yourself, without reprogramming, intuitiv and easy to understand.


Connects with all appliance in your home. Even with less intelligent legacy equipment.

Control any aspect

No limits to what you would like to attache.