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PV Systems, on- & off-grid solutions, integrated heating installations

The PV system that suits you best should do more than just generate electricity from the sun. With an investment horizon of 30 years, the installation of a PV system requires more expertise that is why our PV solutions go beyond just installing solar modules with optimizers and inverters.

We offer working solutions also for the time when public subsidies run out or the public grid operator reduces the export of solar power and even wants to throttle the heat pump to balance the grid, or limits the grid electricity to charge your electric car.

For your safety and peace of mind, our solutions are designed to maximise the use of your own energy and optimize for the cheapest source. This goes far beyond simply installing a PV solar system.


Smart Homes & Industrial process control

Nowadays technological development is giving every homeowner and business the opportunity to produce their own energy, making them at least partially independent of the public grid. 

In addition, the once clear boundary between electrical and heating installations has become highly interconnected. This makes the task of controlling energy consumption and production more complex. If you still intend to control it manually with controls that do not communicate with each other, it also means that you are missing out on opportunities to save money and effort.

Modern control systems such as Loxone reduce wiring costs, reduce energy consumption, save significant costs, increase self-sufficiency and have many other benefits such as better information for future optimization, transparency, reliability and ease of use.

Talk to us, we offer control solutions that work independently of the manufacturer of the equipment, PV system, heat pump, etc. and are therefore open for future adaptation to new technologies or changes in the equipment used.

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Turbines & CHP Systems

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems not only provide heat for your building or industrial process, but also electricity. When powered by a turbine instead of a combustion engine, the maintenance interval is doubled (i.e. 8,000 hours).

Producing your own electricity from LPG, Natural Gas or any other fuel is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than using the public grid with its very high energy losses in centralized electricity generation and transport.

If you would like to benefit from a CHP system and integrate it into your energy supply, we offer integrated modular solutions.

Better solutions for home owners with pools etc.

A slow-reacting heat pump is not the best solution for using the peak energy produced by a PV solar system at midday. Sometimes it would be better to use a cheap heating element in your domestic hot water tank or heat buffer that can immediately and scalable use the PV power with 98% efficiency to store the heat after the battery and EV are already fully charged. Automatically of course!

You could also use the excess solar energy to heat your swimming pool, reducing your energy costs and making your luxury needs environmentally friendly.

What about installing a hot salt battery, which is 100% recyclable, has virtually no degradation and a design life of 20 years, instead of using lithium-ion batteries.

What if you had 1 software and 1 device to control everything in your home and holiday home? From home heating, PV system, EV charging, robotic lawnmower, garage door opener, video access system, audio system, lighting, blinds & shades, pool equipment and alarm system etc. instead of multiple remote controls?

There are many more solutions we can provide. Your imagination is the only limit.