HPTurbo.Tech offers plug and play solutions for heat and power
May 25, 2022 by
de Grandi Felice Gaetano

You do not need the public grid to produce enough energy for a comfortable life.

We offer backup and island solutions for heat and power... and everything else!

There are basically 2 types of self-sufficiency:

  1. Independence from the public grid
  2. Independence from the public grid and independence from fossil fuels

The framework condition for both types of self-sufficiency is the extent of energy demand of your house. The better insulated and/or the smaller the energy demand, the easier it is to become energy self-sufficient. This depends also on the climate zone you are living in. Solutions for Northern Europe are more demanding as for regions in Australia, South America or Africa. That is somehow trivial, but should kept in mind because it makes a big difference in cost and effort.

Independence from the public grid

Also in Europe, North of the Alps his is feasible at manageable costs. However, it partly requires the use of fossil fuels. A clever combination of PV system and a cogeneration system with batteries and heat buffer should turn you 100% independent from the public grid. On top of this your decentralized power production is much better for the environment and the CO2 reduction, compared with a central power plants operating on gas, coal or atomic energy.

With solar panels and heat pump without batteries you are at 20-30% independent. If you use batteries your reach between 50-70%, but only in average over the year but not in Winter. In Summer you might be 90% independent but in Winter you rely 90% on the public grid even with batteries.

With our intelligent solution you could win: Safety, Freedom, CO2 reduction and lower the running costs. 

Independence from the public grid and independent of fossil fuels

Still solutions without fossile fuels are more difficult to realize and more expensive with nowadays technology. This has to be looked at case by case. If you consider a geothermal heat pump, or you have roof space for a lot of PV-panels or if you can use wind or water energy, there is a good chance to be grid independent with reasonable costs. Without these options you will have to install a hydrogen production plant to your solar system. We supply hydrogen production and storage system, which can store the surplus solar energy in summer month in the form of hydrogen for the winter. This technology is now available also for private houses. Talk to use for a tailor made approach at minimal costs.

Example installation for a island system

The most important point is to secure the electricity demand: summer, winter, day and night. Not only to cover the basic needs of the house: Light, computer, mobile phone, telephone, refrigerator etc. Every modern heating device needs power for its control unit and the heating pumps. Even if you have a pellet, wood heating or a geothermal heat pump you need power to operate the heating circuit. Without electricity no central heating and now sanitary hot water will be available.

The additional demand for cooking (with electricity), the washing machine, the dishwasher and the hybrid or electric car have to be added. These consumers operate only few minutes a day but they need a lot of power in this short time, causing peak demands for the island or backup system.

Last but not least a lot of houses have a 3-phase installation. Alle the devices you are using have to be integrated in this typ of power distribution. The grid of your house has to detach it self automatically from the public grid, if you decide to operate your house in parallel and not as an island system. Only a few products fit these needs and are easy to install without complicated wiring.

.... and,  there must be a controlling device integrated in the solution. Taking care of all your needs in power and heat demand. Manual Management of your energy supply is always possible, but not really fun on a day by day basis.

You might remember this slogan:

"Power is nothing without control."

de Grandi Felice Gaetano May 25, 2022
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