Development Projects

We develop our own control systems or appliances 

Plug & Play interface for Hot Salt Batteries for any Solar Inverter

Hot Salt Batteries from FzSoNick are a very good alternative to Li-ion batteries. We think any inverter should be able to access one or several batteries with a plug & play Cambus interface.

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Modbus TCP Interface for all Capstone Turbines

Connecting and Controlling all the different Capstone Turbines without having to use the RS232 protocol and transforming every time the values in Loxone or any other SPS would make not only our interfacing job a walk in the park. Just plug-in the interface box and any turbine can be reached over the internet with a dedicated Modbus TCP address and human readable values from a transparent register list.

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External combustion turbine?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a wood-fired turbine that produces heat and electricity for remote, off-grid homes? We are working hard on this. Look for more news by the end of the year.

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