We plan, install and maintain energy systems

for buildings and industrial facilities

Customer-centric approach to solutions

Understanding your needs and delivering what solves your problems and saves you energy costs, not just selling and installing equipment!



Listening and understanding is key to a good solution


Integrated concepts for heat and electricity


No gaps between heating and electrical installations, no headaches for our customers


We service after installation with even 24/7 support.

What we do!

  • We design, integrate, install and maintain solar PV, inverters, heat pumps, generators, CHP systems, batteries, thermal storage and all other equipment using an efficient modular approach.
  • We focus on maximising your energy self-sufficiency.
  • We reduce your energy costs by connecting everything to a control system.
  • And last but not least, we integrate all the smart home features you might wish, now and in the future.

How we do it!

  • We analyse your needs, objectives and budget and match them with the best products.
  • We propose and plan an efficient solution for your individual energy needs.
  • We install the complete energy system and apply for your subsidies (heat and power side).
  • We maintain your energy equipment and take care of your after-sales needs.

Smart modular solutions for domestic and commercial customers


Our modular approach optimises any renewable or non-renewable energy source with your heat and electricity needs.

Scalable Smart Solutions

Just one scalable smart solution for your home, apartment block, office building or factory.

Install in stages

Install in stages, change as you need, stay flexible with low costs.


Stay secure because everything is managed from within your own building. Nothing in the cloud, works 100% even if the internet goes down. Never the less access from everywhere.

One app for everything.

One app for everything. Unlimited users and devices. No recurring licence fees for total control.

Apartment buildings

Intelligent and sophisticated combinations of solar PV on roofs and balconies with buffers and CHP (combined heat and power). Optimise profitability and reduce running costs.

Offices and Industrial plants

Integrate the control of your production lines with, energy production, building and process access control, energy management, alarm systems, office lighting etc. All on the same control platform. No expensive recurring licences for users, devices and development software. Monitor your energy consumption to reduce your costs.

Single family homes

Optimum solutions for every roof shape

Maximize your solar PV output even with complex roof shapes, different orientations and angles of incidence, without just installing optimisers. We integrate your heating, heat pump, swimming pool, etc. etc. Your home becomes intelligent and saves energy costs. Your self-sufficiency increases, as does your freedom.

Power is nothing without control!

We use the Loxone control system to optimise your energy flows in your building or industrial plant. The open, flexible & versatile architecture allows solutions from a single apartment to a large industrial site with several buildings and production facilities.

Loxone control systems work completely locally without a cloud connection, even if the internet is not available. If you still want to access your installation from anywhere in the world, it is still possible.

No regular licence fees, unlimited number of users and devices and free software updates reduce costs compared to other systems on the market.

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Works with any device

Unlimted number of users, unlimited number of devices, No recurring licence fees! Keep your costs low in any aspect

Integrates any energy source

PV, Wind, Water energy sources can be easily combined with traditional sources.

Any hardware can be connected

There is almost always a way to make also older hardware become smarter.

Safe energy costs and increase your self-sufficiency

Public networks and energy prices are becoming increasingly unstable and politicized and costs are rising year on year.

Our self-sufficient solutions help to bring energy prices back to reasonable levels and provide security.

Regain your freedom, get on with your life without worrying about power cuts, gas shortages and exploding energy prices.

You define the confidence level you want to achieve!

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