Every installer is able to install an EnerTwin.
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de Grandi Felice Gaetano

Install an EnerTwin instead of a normal gas heating system or a heat pump:

Fuel Types:

The EnerTwin can be operated either with natural gas/biogas from the gas grid or with LPG from a gas tank (LPG: propane/butane). Up to 24% hydrogen can even be added to the gas.

Together with a solar system, you increase your independence from the grid (self-sufficiency) or can even completely separate yourself from the electricity or gas grid if you bury a LPG tank in the garden.

Features of the EnerTwin:

- max. 15.6 kWt Heat output (min. 6 kWt)

- max. 3.2 kWe Electrical output (min. 1 kWe)


The EnerTwin produces not only heat but also electricity at the same time.

The rule of thumb: Local gas price or LPG price per kWh + approx. 5% gives the kWh price with which you produce electricity and heat.

The cheaply produced electricity helps to amortise the purchase price. Despite the higher initial investment, the EnerTwin is therefore cheaper than a normal gas heating system and the same price as a heat pump, but offers additional security of supply on the electricity side.

The different fuel types that can be used at the same time also mean that a fail-safe heating system can be installed to cover your electricity supply.


Any heating installer who can connect a gas heating system will be able to do this on a daily basis. The connections are the same as for any other gas heating system. The EnerTwin is certified in the EU and in Switzerland (SVGW) and approved for connection to the gas and electricity mains.

3 points are different from gas heating:

- The supply air and exhaust air pipes must have a diameter of at least 100 mm throughout. Smaller diameters would slow down the turbine. The chimney should not be longer than 30 m. 90 degree angles shorten this distance by approx. 4-5 metres.

- As with a solar system / gas heating, the EnerTwin only runs if there is an electricity grid (legal requirement). However, the in-house power grid could also be represented by a battery.

- You should make sure that the EnerTwin can run for as long as possible. For example, for water treatment in an apartment building, this produces more cheap electricity. Depending on the application, it is recommended to install a heat buffer storage in order to achieve long running times.

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Installation example

Single family house 300 m2 with 45m3 outdoor pool. EnerTwin, heat buffer (1'000l), sanitary hot water tank (320l) Loxone building management (Solar PV to be installed).

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Installation overview

EnerTwin heats buffer. The heat buffer suplies 3 circuits:

- Central heating

- Sanitary hot water

- Swimming pool (in summer).

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Heating Curcuit pumps

3 heating circuit pumps which supply the  heat to the central heating, sanitary hot water tank and the swimming pool. They are controlled by the Loxone building management system. Fully automated.

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EnerTwin connections

EnerTwin connection to heat buffer with magnetic filter in the return/supply tube to the EnerTwin. Gas connection for Natural gas from the gas grid or LPG from  the local tank.

Fail-safe solutions:

The EnerTwin could even be switched between gas tank with LPG(propane/butane) and the line from the gas supply with natural gas. This means that fail-safe systems can be realised. Either as a fail-safe heating system and/or as an emergency generator. E.g. to support or extend the capacity of the batteries.

Self-sufficient solutions:

With a PV solar system, the right inverter, batteries and an LPG tank, the EnerTwin can also be operated completely off-grid and supply 3-phase electricity for a house. Day and night, summer and winter.


The manufacturer's warranty is 2 years and can be extended to 4 years with a full maintenance contract.

Maintenance cycles:

Every 7,500 hours of operation. Typical running time of an EnerTwin is approx. 4'000-6'000 operating hours per year (1 year has 8760 hours).  The EnerTwin works just as reliably as a gas heater. It has only 1 moving turbine part and therefore hardly any wear and tear and hardly any hardware maintenance.

Maintenance costs:

The full maintenance contract with extended warranty costs 189 CHF per 1,000 operating hours. A 24-hour on-call service can be arranged for CHF 660 per year. Compared to other CHP units, the costs are very low, which makes the EnerTwin particularly suitable for private homes.

The full maintenance contract includes spare parts and time for regular service.

Price of an EnerTwin:

The final retail price is between CHF 22,500 and CHF 24,500 depending on the options.

Installation and installation time:

From unpacking to moving to the installation site, including connection, the installer usually needs less than 4h.

With existing lines, the EnerTwin can be connected in 2 hours without stress. You do not need any special materials or tools.

The EnerTwin weighs approx. 200 kg and is delivered directly to the installation site. No structural measures are necessary. The EnerTwin stands on fixable castors.

EnerTwin does not need any noise insulation or vibration damping. The EnerTwin runs vibration-free and the high-frequency sound is easily absorbed by a normal wooden door or brick or concrete wall. No deep burner hum that can be transmitted through walls or ceilings as with oil or gas burners or engine-driven CHPs.


- The EnerTwin has an internal heating control built in.

- However, it can also be controlled via Modbus RS485 protocol.

- We recommend the Loxone building automation. This allows floor heating and radiators to be controlled individually for each room. This control is much simpler and more powerful than the conventional heating controls and reduces the heating demand as it regulates the heating output room by room and even learns each room's own heating behaviour. However, it can regulate the EnerTwin not only according to the heat demand, but also according to the electricity demand of the house.

Smart App:

With the Loxone control you get an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer with which not only the heating but also the electricity consumption can be monitored and controlled and which also takes over the monitoring of your solar system, the pool or the charging station for your e-car. With which you can open the garage door and operate the awnings or window blinds. 


You can easily combine the EnerTwin with a peak load boiler, heat pump, PV solar system, etc. etc. Together with the Loxone control, you can also completely control a swimming pool with all components. We are happy to assist you here and take over planning and control installation together with the EnerTwin.

Complete house control:

We also plan and install the complete house control of light, garage, pool, audio, car charging station, sun blinds and roller blinds, emergency power system. For commercial buildings, we not only automate the heating control but also integrate it into the complete production process.

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de Grandi Felice Gaetano May 23, 2022
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