Heat and Power Cogeneration for everybody ?

The big difference between innovative and traditional CHP systems!
September 24, 2020 by
Heat and Power Cogeneration for everybody ?
de Grandi Felice Gaetano

So fare the installation of a cogeneration heat and power plant was cumbersome. First of all, the current technology is based on combustion engines, and therefore the weight was at least 400 kg. This was already a challenge for private house owners because you had to prepare the underground in the basement to carry the load and dampen the vibrations. Therefore, installations are high because you need heavy equipment to move these systems into the basement.

On top of that, the maintenance intervals are short. Combustion engines have been developed and optimized for vehicles and have not been intended to run around the clock like a heating or power plant. If heating has to produce hot water for a multifamily building, it can run in 1 year up to 8'760 hours. A car with this amount of operating hours would have made already 438'000 km and would definitely be at the end of his lifetime. Motor and a gearbox and a lot of other moving parts would have to be replaced long before. This results in a lot of work and costs. The same is true for cogeneration heat and power plants with combustion engines. They have service intervals of around 2'500 working hours and definitely after 10'000 working hours you have to replace the engine and gearbox and a lot of other moving parts.

Therefore private homeowners rarely install conventional CHP systems. All the worries which come with the installation and operation are too heavy.

This changes now with the EnerTwin, which is operated by a turbine and not a combustion engine.

First of all, weight is only 200 kg. The EnerTwin stands on small wheels, and one person can push it to the desired location. 4 strong men can easily carry it when necessary, and there are no heavy transportation means needed. The ground has not to be reinforced. There are no vibrations, and the maintenance intervals are at least 7'500 working hours. There is only 1 moving part, the axel of the turbine. Maintenance is, therefore, easy and quick.

Just imagine you would take a flight to somewhere or even flying over the Atlantic of Pacific Ocean. You would probably strongly oppose taking an aeroplane with a combustion engine like in the years 1940. It is clear that it will be an aeroplane with a jet engine. No serious airline will operate combustion engines aeroplanes because, for safety, long operation hours and reliability combustion engines are not the right technology to use. Turbine technology is the correct choice to bring passengers safely to their destination.

EnerTwin uses turbine technology. It has a microturbine installed like in a business jet. This makes the operation of an EnerTwin reliable, long-lasting and low maintenance. Therefore every private homeowner can install it worry-free and profit from the cogeneration of heat and power and save costs. House owners will also become independent from unreliable power deliveries of the public grid. Depending on the amount of power you need in your premises, you can even realize grid-independent houses or install the EnerTwin in remote areas where you do not have any connection to the grid. EnerTwin can also operate on liquid gas from a gas tank.

Considering all this, EnerTwin is the right choice for a CHP system. On top of that, it got the label "Efficient Technology" form Betrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation as a technology which helps to save the planet and is profitable likewise.

The EnerTwin is a cogeneration system of the new generation! Don't get stuck with old technology!

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Heat and Power Cogeneration for everybody ?
de Grandi Felice Gaetano September 24, 2020
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