EnerTwin for House owners with pool

New technology can make also luxuries living environmentally responsible!
May 30, 2020 by
EnerTwin for House owners with pool
de Grandi Felice Gaetano

Owning a house with indoor or outdoor pool eats a lot of energy. Even more if you are leaving in geographical areas where you have to heat the pool water.

Owning an EnerTwin reduces costs and saves a lot of CO2 emission for pool owners. There are serval aspects which makes EnerTwin optimal for heating pools, saunas, whirlpools etc.

First of all EnerTwin produces heat and electricity at the same time. Therefore you can heat the pool and generate at the same time power for the circulation pumps. You do not have to buy the expensive power from your electricity provider You produce it much cheaper by your own. Compared with conventional production of heat and power, you will safe between 3 to 6 metric tonnes of CO2 and the combined heat and power production will reduce your energy costs substantially.

Usually the heating in your house is running during the winter season. The outdoor pool is operated during summer when the heating is not used. This results in optimal conditions for the EnerTwin, It can run long hours every day during Sommer and Winter. The more it runs, the higher your savings and the lower the energy costs of your house.

As the EnerTwin can produce hot water of up to 80 degrees, Your pool will heat up faster and keep the desired temperature constantly. It will be faster than heating your pool with a heat pump or solar panels.

The typical problem of a heated outdoor pool is the loss of temperature during bad weather season and at night, when the sun does not shine. Drops of ambient temperature with a heat pump is slow. Solar panels on your roof are not working at all. Your pool will loose temperature during night and cloudy days when you actually need the heating most. A heat pump will generate only temperatures up to 40 degrees and it will take hours or at least half a day to bring the water temperature back to the desired level. With an EnerTwin you do not have these problems anymore. Your pool heating is independent of weather conditions and keeps the temperature also during the night. For very big pools you could even combine the EnerTwin with a heat pump to boost efficiency and shorten heat up time even further. To connect the EnerTwin to the water circuit of your pool you will use a heat exchanger.

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EnerTwin for House owners with pool
de Grandi Felice Gaetano May 30, 2020
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