Advantages of CHP Systems

Compared with centralized power generation, gas heaters and solar panels...
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Advantages of CHP Systems
de Grandi Felice Gaetano

So fare you were heating your house with oil heating or a gas boiler. You paid for the fuel or gas, and after 20 years you had to replace the system for a new one. On top of that, you spent money on electricity produced in a big remote power plant with coal, gas or nuclear energy. Most of the heat of these big power plants is lost because the power generators' enormous heat can not be used nearby and has to be cooled. Typically the heat of the power generates of this central power plants a cooled with the water of a nearby river heating up the river by 1-3 degrees which harms the river's ecosystem.

With an EnerTwin CHP system (Combined Heat and Power system), you will produce heat and electric power in your own building. There will be no transportation losses on the waste of heat because all the heat your EnerTwin generates to produce electricity can be used to heat the building or the drinking water. Like this, an EnerTwin reaches an efficiency of 94% compared with a traditional supply of electricity and heat of only 40%.

Compared with the conventional production of heat and electricity, an EnerTwin is 35% to 60% more efficient than the conventional production of heat and power. These safes about 3 to 6 metric tonnes of CO" emissions a year.


CHP technology is also good for your wallet. You will save a lot of money as you do not have to buy the grid's electricity. The electricity you produce inhouse is on average about one third to 50% cheaper than buying it from the grid. Therefore the EnerTwin pays for itself. Compared with gas boilers or oil heating, an EnerTwin pays its investment back over its life. There are no sunk investment costs. In some countries like Germany with high electricity prices and additional subsidies for CHP systems, you can reach even payback times of 3 to 6 years.

Suppose you compare a CHP System (EnerTwin) to solar heating with a heat pump. It highly depends on where your house is located. In the southern part of Europe, it might well be that a solar system is the better choice because the average temperatures are higher and a lot of the time you do not need heating during the year. To generate hot drinking water, the solar system is powerful enough unless you have a rainy week. There you will heat again with the inefficiently generated electricity from the public grid. Living in the northern part of Europe, north of the Alps, you will already have a problem. Winters are long, rain and snow are often, you will have weeks of cloudy sky and foggy seasons. At least 1/3 of the year you will depend on the power from the public grid, which only has 40% of the invested primary energy.

On top of that, your solar panels lose between 2 and 3% of their power every year. Also certified solar panels will have failed after 10 to 20 years about 20% of their ability. Therefore it is definitely not true that solar energy is for free after buying the solar panels and the heat pump. A CHP system like the EnerTwin will not lose efficiency, not even after 10 or 20 years.

.... and not to forget: Biogas operated plants are clean plants. There is no question about this. The emission of CO2 and NOx is minimal. Because the gas can be burned almost completely. An EnerTwin can run on Biogas or Biogas with 23% Hydrogen or liquid gas (for remote areas) or conventional natural gas. 

EnerTwin CHP system is a green energy device and an investment with durability and a secure return on investment.

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Advantages of CHP Systems
de Grandi Felice Gaetano February 26, 2020
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