Power to Heat System Memory

  • Save surpluses efficiently in  kraftBoxx  hybrid memory

  • Use total PV surplus through stepless power modulation

  • Use additional latent heat capacity

  • 10 times higher performance compared to conventional latent storage systems

  • 2 - 3 times the storage capacity of a water tank

  • 10 times cheaper than a comparable battery storage unit

  • Capacity 30 kWh, 50 kWh and 60 kWh


System integration of renewable energies with the kraftBoxx

Bring your system up to date with the latest energy technology

  • Increase of the storage capacity by 3-4 times with the same volume, also simple retrofitting possible.

  • Reduction of the storage volume by 3-4 times with the same capacity, ideal for limited space conditions.

  • Increase service life - you benefit twice! - Peak shifting and extended runtimes.

  • Reduction of operating costs - reduce power peaks (= connected load) (peak cutting / peak shifting), use favourable "night electricity tariffs" and own produciton.

  • Simplified process control - by transforming the temperature peaks to phase change temperature and thus constant injection and withdrawal temperature. An integration as a thermal switch.

  • Higher efficiency - increase of the COP (Coefficient of performance) and reduction of heat losses by constant temperature level (operating costs up to minus 40%!), use of smaller cold/heat generators possible.

System structure

  1. Heating Circuit - Pump assembly for mixed heating circuits, output range up to 45 kW

  2. Fresh Water Station - Three models to choose from up to 41 l/min

  3. Power To Heat - The electrothermal station up to 9 kW

  4. Hybrid Storage - From 200 - 1000 liters with up to 60 kWh by heatStixx latent material